seitan seasoned and cooked faux meat burger with meat mouthfeel. Contains gluten, soya protein,, beetroot, nuitritional yeast, smoked paprika, garlic…

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 black beans, brown lentils,mushrooms,  chickpeas, oats, beetroot enriched, chia seeds. PACKED 16 PER BOX

brown rice, black beans, caramelised onions, carrots, celery, cauliflower,  breadcrumbs, chia seeds. PACKED 16 PER BOX

can't make up your mind? no problem we're happy to make up a mixed selection comprising 4 of each type of burger patty. PACKED 16 PER BOX

Seitan is a super healthy, low fat, plantbased, protein rich food. Cooked seitan has a very similar look and texture as meat. Mama prepares her own h…

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We craft a range of faux meat products available in 1 kg packs and suitable for your to prepare to your taste with your own special sauces. These inc…

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Mama's range of prepared cook in sauces ready for you to add your own choice of extras. Sold by the litre

Tikka curry - creamy coconut and tomato spic…

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