Heat & Eat - Pizzas, Pastas, Powerbowls

The corners are the best bits on Mama's Pizzas and while we're at it what's with the round pies and the square boxes ??? Simply pop our pizzas into a…

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High kicking margie picture

Topped with marinara sauce, baby roma tomatoes, sliced peppadews and topped with cashew nut mockzarella

Mediterranean pizza picture

Sliced mushrooms, garlic, red onions, green olives and cashew nut mockzarella

Bollywood pizza picture

Red and green peppers, oven roasted cherry tomatoes, charred green onions, cashew nut mockzarella and tikka spices drizzled with mango chutney

Pisaladiere pizza picture

traditional onion confyt caramelised long and slow with black olives and fresh thyme. No cheese

Everybody loves bacon! pizza picture

Lightly smoked eggplant bacon with garlic, cashew nut mockzarella, black olives and oregano

Prepared from egg-free pasta, simply add a simple salad and a glass of the Cape's finest and our pasta entrees make the perfect meal.We're always dev…

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Spagaloo with impossible amazeballs picture

Spaghetti with no meat meatballs, roasted vegetables and red pesto

Mama's lasagne picture

Layers of pasta, lentil ragu, cauli and oatmilk sauce, chopped spinach and sunflower ricotta with marinara sauce

Penne & pesto & greens picture

pasta with seasonal greens, house pesto, cherry tomatoes and topped with spicy pickled cabbage

Eggplant arrabiatta picture

Panko crumbed eggplant served over linguine with spicy tomato sauce and cashew nut cheese

Sweet potato gnocchi picture

Pan fried gnocchi with a roasted red pepper sauce and a hint of chilli

Mama's Powerbowls packed full of healthy goodness are ready to eat and can be simply reheated in the microwave in a matter of moments.

Products change…

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Bombay bowl picture

Seitan wheatmeat and vegetables mild curry with steamed basmati rice

Mac comfort bowl picture

Macaroni with butternut, butterbean and mushroom  in a creamy parsley sauce topped with caramelised onions

Spiced cauli fritters, brown lentils,blackeyed beans and red pepper salsa with tortilla flatbreads

Beast from the east bowl picture

Udon noodles,stirfry vegetables,garlic, onions, mushrooms with sesame and soy sauce

Chickpea and sweetcorn patty with cauliflower tots, roasted seasonal vegetables and tomato salsa

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