So what do we do?

High kicking margie picture

no corner cutting here simply pop into a hot oven

Mediterranean pizza picture

what's with the round pies and square boxes?

Bollywood pizza picture

the corners are the best bits on Mama's Pizzas

Pisaladiere pizza picture

no cheese ? no way?  yes way !

Everybody loves bacon! pizza picture

need a bacon fix, this one's for you

For every occasion Mama's Graze Boxes solve your catering worries. Whether its entertaining friends or enjoying a picnic outing there's a

Graze Box to fit your needs.

Phyllo tarts graze box picture

serve cold  approx 25 pieces            

Tomato tartare with balsalmic glaze, roasted pear with crunchy caramel wal…

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Meze graze box picture

serve cold 6 to 8 pax

Humus with vegetables crudites, pickled mushroom skewers, phyllo  with spinach & pinenuts, house pickles,  chickpe…

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Indian delights graze box picture

serve warm approx 36 pieces

Onion & pepper bhajis, vegetable samoosas, spiced sweetcorn puree donuts, filled potato croquettes, cauliflower floret…

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Mexican cantina graze box picture

serve warm approx 32 pieces

Black bean cocktail tacos with sweet pickled onion and zucchini guacamole, open enchilada cups with lentil ragu and  …

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Phoenix nights graze box picture

serve warm approx 30pieces

Steamed bao buns with barbeque pulled jackfruit, wonton potsticker dumplings, spring rolls with shredded vegetables and cab…

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seitan seasoned and cooked faux meat burger with meat mouthfeel. Contains gluten, soya protein,, beetroot, nuitritional yeast, smoked paprika, garlic…

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